Stop Starving Yourself – Try The Keto Diet Instead

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The keto diet involves putting yourself into ketosis by starving yourself of carbohydrates. This is in an effort to get your body to start burning fat instead of glucose. This is very different from actually starving yourself; it’s very calculated and you’re not depriving your body of any nutrients.

In this article, we’ll explore the keto diet and how it works so you can decide if it’s the right diet for you.

What is the keto diet?
The keto diet, as we said above, is a diet designed to put your body into ketosis in an effort to burn more fat rather than glucose. You keep your carb count for the day at a very tight minimum and consume a lot of high quality meats and healthy fats.

This diet isn’t for everyone, however. In certain people, it can cause adverse health effects. If you’re concerned about it, we recommend consulting with your doctor and/or a reputable dietitian before starting the diet. They can also help you better determine the exact numbers you need to aim for with your food.

How does keto work?
Keto works by putting your body into ketosis, a life-saving mode your body has when it gets close to starving. Ketosis makes your body switch from burning glucose for energy to burning fat for energy.

The idea behind the keto diet is to watch your nutrient levels and carb intakes to achieve a delicate balance of healthy ketosis. If you don’t watch this closely, you can ruin your ketosis or cause adverse health effects like nose bleeds or passing out.

Things you should know before you get started
There are a few words of wisdom we can offer you to make this diet transition a little easier for you.

Don’t Deprive Yourself
The best way to set yourself up for failure on the keto diet is by depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Beyond the fact that this is damaging to your mental health and overall wellbeing, it also leads to benders and overconsumption of those foods. Everything in moderation.

There are many keto-friendly versions of your favorite recipes available online. Give them a try instead of just denying yourself things that truly make you happy.

Don’t give up
When you stop on the keto diet, you knock yourself out of ketosis, ruining all the hard work you’ve done thus far. Supplement your carb cravings by eating keto-friendly versions, keep good track of your progress and what you’re eating, and don’t give up until you’re ready to stop the diet entirely.

Account for everything
Take detailed notes of all you eat and their net carb counts. You have to be sure to not get fooled by the sneaky carbs that will put you out of ketosis before you realize it. It’s also not healthy to consume the high amounts of proteins and fats necessary to remain healthy in ketosis when not in ketosis. Watch your levels closely, know where you stand, and ensure you have all the proper nutrients you need.

The keto diet doesn’t involve counting calories and reducing your portions down to practically nothing, making you feel hungry all the time. The keto diet is a way to use low-carb eating to trick your body into going into ketosis, burning up your fat instead of glucose as fuel. This means that, so long as you monitor what you’re eating and the number of carbs in it, you can largely eat whatever you want.

If you’re interested in starting the keto diet, we highly recommend consulting with your regular physician or dietician first. They can help you determine what foods are ideal for you on this diet, the best goal numbers to have, and whether or not this diet is a healthy idea for you based on your own personal health. This will help to set you up for success and clearly define your path to weightloss on keto.