Keto Versus A Low Fat Diet

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You’ve likely heard of the hugely popular keto diet. When it comes to choosing the right diet for you, how do you know which diet is more effective? Everyone on the low-fat diet claims that it’s the only successful way to lose weight and the keto dieters say the exact same thing. How do you know? Well, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll compare these two diets and come up with an answer for you once and for all.

Low-fat diets and the keto diet produce similar results
A recent study determined that the low-fat diets and the keto diet produce similar results in those that try them. One did not seem to cause notably more weightloss than another. That being said, regardless of which diet they were on, there were still patients that lost a lot of weight and patients that didn’t lose much of anything, despite sticking firmly to the diet plan.

This means that just the sheer numbers alone won’t help you decide between these two extremely popular diets that are seen as being equally effective. So, we’ll have to rely on something else.

Which one is easier for you to maintain
When deciding which of these diets you should embark on, you need to consider your ability to stick to the diet. For some, the keto diet seems vastly impossible to maintain, taking note of all you eat and tracking your carb counts all day. For others, the low-fat diet may seem impossible. You have to choose which one is going to be right for your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences. If the diet isn’t condosive to your lifestyle, you won’t stick with it.

Talk to your doctor or a dietitian
No one knows your health better than your doctor and no one knows diets better than a dietitian. Talk to these professionals and seek their guidance as to which diet is going to work best for you. You may not be an ideal candidate for either one.

The healthiest approach to these diet fads is to consult with a professional and do them right. If you’re not an ideal candidate for the diet you’d like to try, they’ll not only advise you on that but also steer you to a more idyllic option for you.

Which one will be the least extreme change
Both of these diets involve rather extreme diet changes that can cause health problems in certain individuals. The biggest problem with extreme diet changes is that they’re difficult to keep up after you’ve stopped the diet.

Once you go back to eating normally, you find it difficult, if not impossible, to keep the weight off. This is because you haven’t shifted the amounts of foods you’re eating or adapted a healthier lifestyle that’s sustainable for a long period of time.

Make positive life changes
No matter which diet you choose, you have to adopt new positive life changes to lose weight and make a positive change in your life. Avoid sugars, exercise more, get the proper amount of sleep, and learn to have a healthy, balanced approach to your overall health and your eating. These changes will stick with you long after the diet fad is over and help you maintain that healthy lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Finding the right diet for you can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what your body needs. We highly recommend consulting with a doctor before you jump into a new diet, especially one that involves a drastic diet change.

To keep the weight off once you’ve stopped these diets, you have to introduce new, healthy lifestyle habits, otherwise you’re going to be right where you started. This is why doctors typically recommend a more sustainable diet that doesn’t involve such drastic changes to your diet that can’t be kept up longterm.